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We are truly delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the Welsh Fast Growth 50 Awards 2017! This is fantastic news to everyone at Brenig Construction, as in 2016 we were crowned the Fastest Growing Firm in Construction and Building Services in Wales at the Fast Growth 50 Awards, following our nomination earlier in the year.

The fact that we have been nominated for this prestigious award again for 2017 is absolutely wonderful – and that’s not all. In 2017, we have yet another award on the horizon as we have also been nominated for the Fastest Growing Company in North Wales, within all sectors of business!

2016 into 2017 has been well-documented as being challenging for a large amount of companies of all sectors, all shapes and all forms in Wales and also within the UK, due to widespread worries about the uncertain worldwide economy. The uncertainty within the construction sector has been highly documented, due to concerns such as labour, and importation of construction materials following the decision to leave the European Union in June 2016.

The fact that we have continued to grow during such uncertain times, as well as being nominated for an award as prestigious as the Fast Growth 50 is truly excellent news, as it marks that Brenig Construction is considered one of the fastest growing firms within Wales despite the uncertainty within the construction industry at large.

We place high value on the usage of local labour and also locally sourced materials, and throughout our projects, we have unerringly used the expertise and the skill of local companies and local supply in order to ensure that our builds give back to the community within North Wales, in the form of reinvestment of funds, as well as helping Welsh businesses thrive by choosing local supply.

This gives back to the community in both the long and the short term – by helping local suppliers invest within the community themselves to take more skilled and talented members of the North Wales community into long-lasting and productive careers.

The Fast Growth 50 Awards are a reminder of the vast entrepreneurial potential that exists within the Welsh business sector, and just the nomination for this award means that Brenig Construction are considered one of the fastest growing companies within Wales, which by itself is an incredible honour.

The Welsh Fast Growth 50 award ceremony will take place on Friday, October the 20th 2017 in Cardiff. We hope you’ll wish us all the best!