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Sustainability Policy

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Brenig Construction believes the construction industry is responsible for playing a lead role in preserving the present and creating a sustainable future. This policy governs how we as a responsible company set out to achieve this.


Brenig Construction undertakes to:

  • Reduce environmental impact wherever possible, using best practice methods and standards such as CEEQUAL and BREEAM
  • Achieve and maintain high levels of sustainable working that enhances our reputation and those of our customers and stakeholders
  • Meet and exceed the additional sensitivities associated with operating in designated Special Areas of Conservation, National Parks and Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  • Ensure compliance to all regulations and statutory bodies with regards the environment and sustainability
  • Collaborate within partnerships and supply chains and seek to embed “sustainable thinking” across activities throughout
  • Maintain continual improvement through measurement against policy and performance, evaluation, review, training and procedural change where required
  • Invest in our employees through programmes of best-practice employment, offering training opportunities, rewards, and fair contractual arrangements that mutually benefit both employer and employee
  • Employ innovative thinking and Value Engineering wherever possible and build into the design and development process
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle wherever practicable
  • Source recycled materials or other materials from sustainable sources
  • Seek to reduce carbon emissions, water consumption and energy use across our operations and those within supply chains and partnerships
  • Reduce any adverse impacts on the communities our operations affect, while simultaneously seek to source locally to aid local economies
  • Engage local communities through education, project liaison, and support them through charitable work, sponsorship and other support initiatives
  • Meet our clients’ requirements and meet or exceed their expectations

Communicate this policy to our employees, stakeholders, and all interested parties