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Project Title – Berth Y Glyd
Client – Cartrefi Conwy
Contractor – Brenig Construction
Contract Value – Circa £2.6 million

Project Description

Berth Y Glyd is a residential development, comprising 17 residential units on land off Berth Y Glyd Road, Llysfaen. To the Northern part of the site adjacent to Peulwys Lane is a block of 7 number 1 and 2 bed apartments. The Eastern part of the site will accommodate a mix of 3 and 4 bed houses.

The scheme has been developed using a multi-disciplinary technical and design team all of whom have been commissioned by Brenig Construction Limited as Principal Contractor. For the purpose of clarity, no commissions where made on this project by the Client.

Upfront discussions with Officers of Conwy Borough Council and members of the public. Considerable amendments were made to the scheme to reflect the views of the local people which were expressed during our public consultation meeting.

Factors Affecting Development

Existing Ground Conditions

A full ground investigation survey report was undertaken by Deuar Engineers, including an assessment of the structural and chemical composition of the soils.  The results of this survey impacted on drainage issues as the site was not porous and to a lesser extent on foundations. 

Generally, the site comprises of rock from the surface.  This causes significant issues during the initial phases of the works whilst carrying out the reduced level excavation.  To manage the risk Brenig Construction Limited carried out trial excavations using a 30t 360 tracked excavator.  The purpose of the trial was to determine a realistic output for the rock excavation to then allow a robust programme and cost plan to be put together. 

Proximity of neighbouring properties

The close proximity of the neighbouring properties was of concern on this project, especially given the fact that all excavation is in rock and will need to be removed using mechanical breakers. Public consultations and significant communication strategies have been put in place to manage this process.  Surveys of all adjoining properties have been undertaken to record the existing defects and protect the Client / contractor against possible claims.


A significant site constraint is the presence of an existing high-pressure water main which runs across the entirety of the site adjacent to Berth Y Glyd road.  A 3m easement was required either side of the existing main and thus the exact location of this utility service was instrumental in the design and in particular setting the positions for the houses and flats to ensure there was no encroachment.  To manage this Brenig Construction undertook trial holes to locate and record the exact position of the existing water main.  This was then plotted and the orientation and position of the proposed units was designed around this constraint.

Site topography

The gradients dictated the layout of the new buildings, to ensure level access to the properties.  The topography of the site falls away from North to South by approximately 30m over the length of the site.   The design of the development has been maximised by constructing split level 3 storey house and split-level apartments adjacent to Peulwys Lane.

Added Value

Every project which Brenig Construction Limited undertake is subject to a value engineering process at the earliest opportunity to ensure that any potential savings are passed onto the Client at the start of the contract.  This process is undertaken by the project team and potential savings are identified to which costs are attributed and these are scheduled and presented to the Client for consideration.