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We are delighted to report that the First area of the £1.2m Environmental Improvement contract to create a Creative Play Spaces and Environmental Improvement Works on the Llandudno Tre Cwm Estate have come to a close, and the Green Space was officially handed to the community in a grand opening ceremony, hosted by Cartrefi Conwy.

The opening ceremony took place on the 1st of November 2017, and was well attended by residents and tenants of the Tre Cwm Estate in Llandudno, as well as the Gwynt y Mor Community Fund.

This part of the ongoing environmental regeneration scheme at Tre Cwm was all about creating a space which had purpose – in order to turn a stark, empty patch of grass which was used by the community as little more than a pedestrian cut-through into a positive addition to the area suitable to be enjoyed by the whole community.

That wasn’t all – after a series of consultations with the residents of Tre Cwm, it became clear to Cartrefi Conwy that the children of the Estate desperately needed some stimulating outdoor play spaces, and we were delighted to work alongside Cartrefi Conwy in order to make this dream a reality.

Tre Cwm has a number of features which we’re certain that the residents and tenants of Tre Cwm can enjoy throughout the year, for very many years to come. We helped turn this green space into a natural landscaped area which children can play in. One of the features that we worked on for Cwm Howard Green Space was the addition of a 14-metre long boulder caterpillar, made from repurposed boulders from the Tre Cwm Estate.

We also installed log walls, sloping banks, started off a grass maze (which we’re certain will get better and better as time goes on!), created a series mushroom chairs, as well as an assortment of looping paths which both serve as a fantastic focal point and great fun for children playing within.

We are truly delighted to have played a part in such a worthwhile addition to the Environmental Improvements at Tre Cwm, and we look forward to providing much more to Cartrefi Conwy’s ongoing activities to improve the built environment for all of the residents which call the area home.